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Where do the patients of Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie come from?

Origin of patients

The gender affirmation surgery clientele of the Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie (CMC), is more than 90% Canadian.

On average over the last 3 years, 26% are from Quebec, 35% from Ontario, 26% from the western provinces, and 6% from the Maritimes.

The other patients (7%) who benefit from Quebec’s expertise come from Europe, Australia, and the United States.

The high percentage of Canadian patients reflects that in Quebec, as well as in other Canadian provinces, government programs cover almost 100% of the costs for most types of gender affirmation surgery and for the requisite medications.

“Because of superior accessibility, better timelines, and the expertise of GrS Montréal, we welcome many French and American citizens who are wishing to go through trans surgery,” explains Henri Labelle, social worker and psychotherapist.

Recognized and Coveted Expertise

With regard to gender affirmation surgeries, Quebec expertise is well-known and peer recognized. In this respect, GrS Montréal is a preferred location for all those wishing to undergo these types of surgeries.

At CMC, Dr. Pierre Brassard, whose primary training is in microvascular surgery, has developed his skills to the point of mastery over the past 25 years. It follows that the savoir-faire and expertise of Dr. Brassard are in great demand around the globe. In addition, the development of the pre- and post-operative clinics as well as the convalescent care offered at the world-renowned Maison de convalescence Asclépiade, the recovery center unique in the world, make GrS Montréal so very appealing to patients for its quality of care and its overall supportive approach.

Indeed, professionals from around the world are contacting GrS Montréal to benefit from its knowledge and many are asking for the privilege of observing its surgeries and viewing its care environment.

No matter where our patients come from, the GrS Montréal team will do everything in its power to facilitate accessibility to its services. Among the coordination services for your stay you could benefit from accommodation in a partner hotel as well as transportation required during your stay in Montreal. All GrS Montréal patients are entitled to the same dedication and quality of care.

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