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Trans Trenderz: The Rise of a New Musical Empire

Trans Trenderz

The label first started as a mixtape curated and produced by Cxsper, bringing together over a dozen trans and non-binary artists of color.

Alex Simon

Special collaboration: Alex Simon is an American-born and Montreal-based student interested in LGBTQ+ and trans realities. They themselves being non-binary, they proposed the idea to GrS Montreal of writing articles on their blog TransAvenue.

A project with humble beginnings started with a concept: what if trans artists, particularly those of color, were given a platform for their music and their art? What if trans lives were celebrated, individuals were empowered, narratives given a spark of positivity? Look no further than Trans Trenderz, a music label founded by Blxck Cxsper. The label first started as a mixtape curated and produced by Cxsper, bringing together over a dozen trans and non-binary artists of color.

Since then, the hard work of the founder and the artists signed on to Trans Trenderz catapulted the label into the spotlight, despite some setbacks due to the pandemic. Their work has been featured in numerous publications from the likes of Billboard to them magazine. Since the summer of 2020, multiple projects have been produced both by Cxsper and producers at Studio G Brooklyn (a recording studio of Grammy award-winning caliber): Splash, a compilation track with five of the label’s artists, five singles, a Christmas EP, tracks and video tutorials from Blxck Cxsper as well as numerous behind-the-scenes videos with footage highlighting each of the signees. Trans Trenderz also launched the Ghostly Beats project, aiming to provide beats, sponsorships and advice to trans artists of color who reached out and urging allies to help in any way possible. For Pride Month 2021, several of the artists appear in an ad for Pride on Instagram and Facebook.

Below you’ll find some information regarding each of the artists. The label is currently asking for donations in order to fund future projects and running the label as a whole. In contrast to most labels, they give all of the rights and royalties to the artists, only taking 10% of booking fees and any other profits going straight back to the label. If you would like to help by sharing or contributing, here’s their GoFundMe.

Current artists on the label

Blxck Cxsper
Black nonbinary migrant Blxck Cxsper is a hip-hop and RNB artist based in Montreal. They’ve written and produced multiple tracks, EP’s and albums, not only for other artists but in their own repertoire as well. Their bilingual verses are highlighted in the chorus of the collab track “Splash”. Their single Penthouse was released on their birthday in December and released their single Self-Medicating on February 26th. Their vocals appear alongside Lady Londyn’s in the Pride ad online. They also released an album with Lady Londyn called Pride.

Evolation is a pop-folk artist based in New York City. They help manage the label alongside Cxsper, and they manage the logistics of artist management in the United States. They most recently provided vocals on the label’s holiday EP It’s a Very Trans Christmas. They are also a part of the music group Mo(u)rning People.

Lady Londyn
Los Angeles singer Lady Londyn’s music is a fusion of hip hop and trap, with her verses present in the “Splash” project as well as her single “All On Me” released December 4th, 2020. Her vocals and looks redefine beauty throughout the music video of her single, and features cameos by her fellow Trans Trenderz artists. Their vocals appear alongside Blxck Cxsper’s in the Pride ad online. She also released an album with Blxck Cxsper called Pride.

Maxi Glamour
Multidisciplinary artist and competitor on season three of the series Dragula, Glamour just signed with Trans Trenderz. They have launched their single “Don’t Worry” before launching their first album “Modernadada”.

Artists in the past roster

Apollo Flowerchild
Folk and soul musician Apollo Flowerchild is based in Brooklyn, New York. Their single “Bloody Hands” was the first single to be released by a newly signed artist. Launched on November 6th, 2020, the single is a passionate anthem written as an ode to hardship, with the song landing radio airplay across America. They appear in the Pride ad mentioned earlier alongside Blxck Cxsper, Lady Londyn, Heather Hills and Jae.

Heather Hills
Hip-hop and electro artist Heather Hills reigns from New Jersey. Her singing and rapping skills are displayed on her single “Get Dun” released November 20th, 2020 as well as the first verse of collaborative track “Splash”. The upbeat nature of her single accompanied by an 80’s vibe serves an instant confidence boost to anyone listening, with your walk turning into a strut. She appears in the Pride ad mentioned earlier alongside Blxck Cxsper, Lady Londyn, Apollo Flowerchild and Jae.

The self-proclaimed Puerto Rican princess Jae mixes pop and RNB in both her vocals on “Splash” and her single “Independent Femme” released January 15th, 2021. Based in New York City, Jae’s single aims to empower femmes to live authentically and unapologetically embrace their femininity. She also released the song “Don’t Hit My Line” this summer. They appear in the Pride ad mentioned earlier alongside Blxck Cxsper, Lady Londyn, Heather Hills and Apollo Flowerchild.

Jupiter Gray
Afro-trap and hip-hop artist Jupiter Gray hails from Columbus, Ohio. Her rap verses grace the collaboration track “Splash” and are front and center in her single “Godiva Diva”. Released on January 29th, 2021, her fast flows are dedicated to her fellow divas of color and the empowerment and triumphs as a Black trans woman.

Lazarus Letcher
One of the newer artists signed to Trans Trenderz will be bringing an undertone of country and folk to the label. They announced their signing to the label at the beginning of March and said they feel good to “deepen (their) connection to (their) art”.

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