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The rustic setting of Maison de convalescence Asclépiade for recovery support

Rustic Asclepiade

Did you know that having a view of nature could help recovery after a surgery? This is one more reason that makes Asclepiade, the recovery home of GrS Montreal, an ideal place for your convalescence.

For a long time and across cultures, healing properties have been attributed to nature. Gardens for the sick people first appeared in the Middle Ages, in monastic hospitals across Europe. British nurse, Florence Nightingale, a pioneer in modern nursing, identified the therapeutic effects of nature on the improvement of patient healing. According to her, visual connections with nature, such as having flowers at bedside or seeing nature through a window, contribute to patient recovery. She has described it in her notes that were published in 1860 (Notes on Nursing).

Since 1970, many studies have been conducted on the subject. It is now known that trees, plants, and flowers positively affect the immune system. We know that proximity of nature in everyday life makes the whole body better. Fewer cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, psychological, and respiratory disorders are being observed.

Of course, nothing feels better than being wrapped in nature; a walk in the forest undoubtedly has a regenerating effect. However, even without being in total immersion, it is now proven that the simple fact of having some trees or flowers around, a few plants inside the house, or even a view of nature brings a positive effect on health.

In light of this research, it can be said that the Asclepiade recovery center is ideally located to promote patient recovery. The house is adjoined by a large garden that includes several mature trees, many species of flowers, and spaces designed for relaxation. In front of the house, you can enjoy the pleasant view of the Rivière des Prairies and Parc de la Merci. If your condition allows, you will be able to walk the 64,000 m2 of Parc De la Merci, and the 28,000 m2 of Perry Island. These parks are flat and furrowed with trails. You will meet many walkers, but also people who come for a picnic or a nap by the shore. Depending on the season, you may also see geese — they also seem to love the place!

Over the years, many researchers, urban planners, landscape architects, and engineers have explored ways to integrate nature into hospital complexes in aid of patient healing and well-being. They try their best to recreate what exists naturally at Asclepiade: a soothing home, surrounded by a healing garden, an island of nature within the city, a place where it feels good to unwind.

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