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Recovery home Asclepiade


Asclepiade is a recovery home, where you can rest and recover after a genital surgery such as vaginoplasty, phalloplasty or metoidioplasty.

Halfway between a hospital and a private home, this is the place where you will get the necessary care to help you heal, all in a warm and specialized environment. With the presence of a 24-hour nursing staff service and the benefits of an all-inclusive plan, you can focus on what’s most important: you.

Maison de convalescence Asclepiade is set in a historic Montreal house circa 1910, in the enchanting setting of Rivière des Prairies and Parc de la Merci. If the years have left intact the house’s original facade and antique charm, its interior is now a blend of old woodwork and newer materials. The atmosphere is cozy and intimate; the white-painted corridors are light and airy. The rooms offer a variable brightness, depending on their orientation. Each has a window, an adjustable electric bed, a storage unit, a reading lamp, and a television set. A total of 15 beds are available to accommodate patients, who will stay for an average of seven to ten days, depending on their type of surgery. Most rooms are private, except two which are more spacious and have two beds. The intimacy of each patient is, however, preserved by the presence of curtains, which can be drawn to shield the beds.

On site, our nurses are partners in your healing in an environment that respects your privacy: no untimely visits to your room, as so often seen in hospitals. A schedule of care will be established with you and the staff will also teach you how to self-care so that you are prepared and independent when you go back home. Asclepiade is equipped with a complete medical examination room to accommodate you without the need to leave the recovery home.

What can you do here between care sessions? First, good meals are served which are closer to those of a bistro kitchen than that of a hospital: haddock meunière, Bengal beef, BBQ chicken legs are a few tasty examples. This does not exclude the possibility of a sandwich from time to time. Meals can be taken in the common dining room or in your room. One of the elements that marks the passage of people at Asclepiade is its vibrant sense of community spirit. This atmosphere is certainly favored by the presence of a lounge, with large armchairs, perfect for reading or making conversation, and a coffee area where you can see a map that illustrates the geographical origins of our clientele: they come from all over the world. No wonder given that GrS Montreal is the only medical center in the world to have its own recovery home!

Also, if the weather permits, you may also enjoy the beautiful courtyard and relax on the terrace in the shade of a chestnut tree while enjoying the fragrances of daylilies, hostas, hydrangeas, and of the few conifers growing in the yard. Thus, like the Greek poet Asclepiad of Samos, perhaps will you surprise yourself by composing a few sonnets?

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