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Pain Management After Trans Surgery

Pain management

Trans surgery is a complex procedure that requires good pain management. What can we expect in terms of pain? And how to manage it?

Normal Recovery

Whether it is surgery on the genitals or the torso, feeling pain during recovery is to be expected, especially in the beginning. Of course, each person will experience pain differently and doctors will help with pain management. In addition to the pain caused by incision sites, the patient may also have a sore throat if intubated during surgery.

Patients are generally offered anti-inflammatory medicine and analgesics. If this is not enough, the surgeon can prescribe narcotic analgesics. The pain should decrease with time. If it’s a genital surgery, you will be staying for a few days at the Maison de convalescence Asclépiade, the recovery center, adjacent to the Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie, where you can rely on the nurses to help you manage the pain and learn how to treat your wounds. Depending on the kind of surgeries, recovery varies between 10 days and 8 weeks. In any case, do not hesitate to ask for help when the pain is too intense.

Healing Well

Always make sure you understand and follow the surgeon’s recommendations for maximizing your chances of healing well with minimal pain. Taking narcotic analgesics could affect the motor and cognitive functioning of the patient.

No matter what type, any surgery carries a risk of complications; therefore, you must discuss your concerns with your surgeon, and follow his recommendations precisely to give your body all the chances for an effective healing.

Psychological Pain

The decision to make a transition is usually made while on a difficult psychological path already well underway. Because mores change slowly, acceptance of oneself and acceptance of others can be a source of pain that warrants recognition. Do not hesitate to use the psychosocial services available in your area and to reach out to the professionals involved in your transition process (family doctor, psychologist, social worker, community resources, self-help and support groups, etc.). In the event that you feel psychological distress during your stay at Asclépiade, we can provide you with appropriate resources.

To conclude, if the transition process can be painful, it is also an important moment during which you will need to be well supported. You will be able to rely on the professionals of GrS Montréal for attentive and personalized service. Do not hesitate to share your concerns with them.

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