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The mere idea of a major surgery can be enough to arouse anxiety in the future patient. Preparing and organizing one’s own convalescence when having to travel back and forth plus coordinate everything else can amplify the fear. To ensure that everything is going well for their clients, GRS Montreal strives to secure patient peace of mind.

The only thing you have to organize is your transportation to Montreal. If you stay more than 200 kilometers from our facilities, we will take care of your transportation, meals, and accommodation in Montreal. Our goal is to eliminate any worry so you will only have to focus on your well-being, your preparation for surgery, your care, and your wellness.

Upon your arrival at the airport, train station, or bus terminal, a limousine service will greet you. All you need to do is locate the chauffeur holding a card with your last name. The chauffeur will drive you to a partner hotel in Laval (the first suburb north of Montreal) located only a few minutes away from the Complexe chirurgical CMC, which includes GrS Montreal. Once there, you will be able to relax, enjoy a good meal, and prepare for your surgery on the next day.

On the day of your surgery, a transportation service provided by GrS Montreal will take you to our facilities. Whether or not your surgery requires hospitalization or a stay at our recovery home (Maison de convalescence Asclépiade), once you have been discharged, a chauffeur will drive you to the hotel, the airport, the train station or the bus terminal.

Why offer these services? Because we know that a surgery as important as a gender affirmation surgery can be a source of great stress for a patient. In most clinics around the world, patients organize their own transportation and go on their own to a hotel for recovery. These hotels are not necessarily adapted to their post surgical condition and necessitate more trips for medical follow-ups. These trips and this organization are elements that add to the stress of the surgery.

Our goal at GrS Montreal is to make your experience more than just a surgery: we want you to live an experience in its own right. We are doing our best to make this great life moment unforgettable. We set the bar high to make sure that you feel comfortable, have true peace of mind, and are able to enjoy your stay focusing on what is most important: your healing.

  1. Aubyn/Taegyn Baker-Riley

    And you do it SOOO well, we were treated like kings and queens. It is a year later now and THE best hospital/surgery experience we have encountered before or since. We got to stay at the B and B before you went to the hotel accommodation and we are so glad that we did. Everyone there was friendly, helpful, supportive, in the same situation or understood. We connected with other families from all over who also came because you are the BEST! The recovery time and care was awesome. Thank you so much for what you do and do SO well!

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