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What is an orchiectomy surgery?


Orchiectomy is a relatively simple procedure involving the removal of the testicles.

Gender identities are multiple and cannot be quantified or defined in a very precise or fixed manner. This is why it is important for a clinic such as GrS Montréal, which specializes in gender affirmation surgery (formerly called “sex change”), to offer a variety of options to its patients.

What is an orchiectomy and why choose it?

Orchiectomy is a relatively simple procedure involving the removal of the testicles. The surgery itself takes about 30 minutes and patients return home the same day. The surgeon makes a first incision in the groin to remove the blood vessels that supply blood to the testicles and then in the scrotum itself. This surgery can be part of a larger process and can be combined with other surgeries: for example, it can be performed during a vaginoplasty. However, if the orchiectomy is performed before the vaginoplasty, it will be necessary to stretch the skin of the scrotum to make sure that it does not shrink too much since this skin will be used to cover the inner wall of the future vagina.

Since the removal of the testicles drastically reduces testosterone production, orchiectomy is a surgical option for people who do not want or cannot do hormone therapy. It can sometimes be recommended by an endocrinologist.

Following the surgery

Upon returning home, it is advised to rest for one week and wait four weeks before resuming physical activities such as sports. As with all procedures, it is recommended that patients stop smoking six to eight weeks before surgery and maintain good hygiene and general health to minimize risks and surgical complications.

Other surgeries

Some surgeries can be combined with orchiectomy such as face and body feminization surgeries, breast augmentation, etc.

The GrS Montréal clinic is the only private clinic specializing in trans surgeries in the country and its surgeons will be able to advise and guide you according to your needs. They have pioneered a movement of acceptance and accessibility that, hopefully, will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years.

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