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Introduction to the Monarch platform and shared knowledge at the CPATH conference


In early 2020, the Complexe chirurgical CMC and GrS Montreal will officially launch the Monarch platform, an innovative and facilitating tool. In the meantime, a short introductory video will be unveiled to participants of the national conference of the Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health (CPATH) in Montreal this weekend. A moment when the sharing of knowledge related to trans surgeries will be central.

The Monarch platform is the result of more than three years of work and investment. In addition, thanks to this new and innovative tool, the clients of the Complexe chirurgical CMC will be able to follow the online evolution of their file, submit the required documents for the surgeries, communicate with CMC health professionals, learn about the offered surgeries, and much more.

People have a lot of questions regarding gender affirmation surgeries and Monarch will answer them without phone calls or emails.

Patients coming from outside the country will also be pleased to discover the simple and efficient functioning of this platform.

CPATH conference: The importance of sharing knowledge

In the medical field, knowledge sharing is very beneficial and, therefore, of great importance.

For this reason, the healthcare professionals of the Complexe chirurgical CMC and GrS Montreal make a point in passing on their knowledge. Their participation in the CPATH conference this weekend is part of this mission.

Dr. Maud Bélanger will be on site for two 15-minute presentations on two specific topics, “Improving the donor site of the radial forearm flap in one step: the use of acellular dermal matrix and skin grafting” and “The creation of neo-urethra in radial flap phalloplasty of the forearm: our experience and outcomes”.

Sharing knowledge and informing one’s counterparts in other institutions, other cities, or even other countries allows for reciprocal learning. Nowadays, co-development is more relevant than ever and it is essential at conferences such as this one presented by the CPATH.

With this in mind, the medical staff of Complexe chirurgical CMC always seizes the opportunity to take an active part in such events.

Therefore, both Daphney Prophète, nurse and clinical counselor, and Henri Labelle, social worker and psychotherapist at GrS Montreal, will offer three presentations.

The first presentation, entitled “Gender Affirming Surgeries: Exploring Options and Post-op Care” and lasting 210 minutes, will be bringing new insights into these surgeries and everything related to them.

The second, called “The Gender Affirming Surgeries”, is a shorter version (90 minutes) of the first presentation, but will be presented in French.

Finally, a third presentation will serve to demonstrate the many benefits of the Monarch platform.

Also, Dr. Maud Bélanger and Dr. Pierre Brassard, world-renowned references in the field of trans surgeries, will be taking part in a plenary this Sunday, in collaboration with surgeons from British Columbia and Ontario, on the theme of accessibility of trans surgical care in Canada.

This just further proves that learning never stops, especially in the medical field.


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