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How is the nursing staff of the Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie selected?

Medical staff

The nursing staff of the Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie is handpicked. This meticulous selection is not exclusively based on the content of each employee’s CV: it is largely guided by several other aspects.

“I was first met in an interview during which we, of course, discussed the position, my skills, and my experience,” shared Daphney Prophète, a nurse and clinical advisor at the CMC. “At the end of this first meeting, a second meeting was planned. This time, Dr. Brassard was present. We then discussed more about the human side of the job.”

As it is often the case within other organizations operating in niche areas where daily work is performed under unique conditions, CMC’s Human Resources department strives to find the best candidates, even if it sometimes means thinking out of the box to get them.

In fact, many things are done differently at CMC. Recently, during the hiring process of a surgical nurse, the candidate was offered the opportunity to first spend time as an observer. This allowed them to see the surgeries taking place and to meet the Chief of the department as well as the members of the work team. They were able to discuss with the candidate the issues and challenges to come. This is an unusual approach compared to prevailing status quo of the healthcare system.

Human values at the forefront

Once hired, internal training is offered. In addition to informing about the practice, the training immerses new employees to permeate the culture of the CMC, which is based on a system of values. For the good of everybody, it is important that new personnel adhere to all the values of the organization and that they become part of the culture of the facility.

“We are a group of directors and we know each other’s strengths very well,” adds Ms. Prophète. “We are accepting and have no desire to change one another. There are all kinds of employees and that’s what enriches the dynamics.”

“When I was hired, it was my first experience in the medical private sector,” shares Henri Labelle, social worker and psychotherapist. “When I first arrived at the cafeteria, I saw people who seemed to love their jobs. Meal time was not used to unwind from the day, but to chat in a nice atmosphere and rest.”

Clearly, the favorable working conditions of the CMC’s nursing staff have resulted in superior patient care. Better still, it is given in an utterly supportive and convivial environment.

However, the labor shortages that affect all of Quebec also concern the CMC. This is especially true given that, despite its enviable reputation and notoriety in the medical and surgical spheres, this facility has never sought to attract attention.

In such a context, it is, therefore, of interest to note the particularly favorable working conditions of this world-renowned organization and to know that here respect is master at all times.

  1. Cassandra-Lynn Simpson

    Thoroughly felt extremely safe and sound in their home, there was such a peacefulness within the whole knowledgeable staff. Truly awesome ?.
    ?. Love the fruit & salad bar, thank you..! Plus every cooked meal. So good and felt like a new born princess ?? during my stay. Xoxoxo

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