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What will you eat at Asclépiade?


When patients come to the Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie (CMC) for gender affirmation genital surgery, they are asked to stay for a few days at Aclépiade, a convalescent home located within the Complexe chirurgical CMC.

On site, everything has been designed to promote rest, tranquility, and self-care education. A beautifully landscaped exterior allows you to read, rest, or chat with others in a calm and inspiring country setting.

Delicious meals to remember

People who have stayed at Asclépiade will tell you the meals offered are not only balanced, but delicious.

“The menu is highly varied, the dishes are plentiful, and the meals succulent. They have nothing to do with those served in traditional hospitals: they are concocted meticulously by the chef,” confirms an employee.

“The food is scrumptious. It’s no wonder that in our cafeteria, the employees eat exactly the same food served to our patients!” he says with a smile.

As if that wasn’t enough, Asclépiade’s food is offered in the form of a buffet. In this way, each person designs their own plate. For example, they can replace beef with trout or take a little more (or a little less) of a food offered. Soups, complete meals, desserts, and what else? The menu always contains surprising proposals.

Note that no specific menu is imposed before or after an operation. Thus, each person is free to choose the foods that will be on his or her plate.

‘’Our meal service meets all allergy standards,” says a nurse at the CMC, who is also a fan of the meals served at Asclépiade. Definitely, people with food allergies need not fear.”

Asclépiade: a renewed and shared pleasure

Typically, CMC patients reside at Asclépiade for six to eight days.

Fortunately for the people who stay there, the atmosphere is very pleasant and serene. The reason is simple: at Asclépiade, as is the case throughout the CMC, employees have a lot of fun working together and this can be both seen and felt.

The atmosphere is tinged with this lightness and there are many quiet places. Moreover, when the weather allows it, many people gather on the nearby outdoor terrace to savor the succulent dishes. With nature as a backdrop and calm as a prevailing gift, this is an experience that…tastes like heaven!

Quiet atmosphere, nature, and good food. What could be better?

Despite the high quality of this offer, however, it is important to note that patients who wish to do so can also order food in one of the many restaurants located near the CMC.

But of course, when they discover the peaceful atmosphere of Asclépiade as well as its balanced, tasty, and meticulously prepared meals, the temporary residents of Asclépiade often realize that they are among the lucky ones who will remember fondly their time in this inviting and warm place. So they opt for…the buffet!

One thing is certain — Asclépiade is the only convalescent home in the world dedicated to trans people with such a food service. A truly unique experience.

  1. Let’s be open and honest here… while the food was very good when I stayed at l’Asclepide in July of this year, the pandemic was in full swing. There was no buffet, no unlimited servings, and no communal eating atmosphere. Food was served to your recovery room, room service style, and you typically ate sitting on the edge of your bed. The food certainly was good, but this is a bad time for this particular post.

    • Hello Sarah!
      You’re right, due to the risks of COVID-19, we’ve had to temporarily change our approach to meals. This article was written before the pandemic.

      We really hope to be able to return to our habits as soon as possible because we strongly believe that the contact between patients is one element that makes the convalescence easier.

      Have a nice day! 🙂

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