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GrS Montreal is launching two corporate videos at the 2019 CPATH conference

Dr. Pierre Brassard

As part of the CPATH annual conference this weekend in Montreal, the Complexe chirurgical CMC will present two very moving videos.

The content of the first video reveals the scope of services available at GrS Montreal and the great importance given to the human component throughout the whole process of a gender affirming surgery.

We also learn that every year, no less than 1000 patients from all over the world choose to trust the Complexe chirurgical CMC and its subsidiary GrS Montreal with their gender affirming surgery. Each year, nearly 700 genital surgeries are performed here.

No wonder that the surgeons at this private hospital are considered the most experienced in the world in the field of gender affirmation surgery and are often cited for reference.

In one of the videos, Dr. Pierre Brassard, Medical Director and Associate Owner of the Complexe chirurgical CMC, mentions the evolution of techniques that continue to improve over the years.

While many of Dr. Brassard’s patients have thanked him for saving their lives, he is keen to qualify these words.

« In reality, we do not save the lives of people who will die of an illness, but we relieve them of a distress so strong that, in the end, the benefit for the patient is immense », says the famous surgeon.

Three Moving Testimonials

In the second video, we can hear the poignant testimonies of Adany, Nicolas, and Laura.

Authentic and moving, these three people from different places and backgrounds tell to what extend their gender affirmation surgery has changed their lives and for what reasons.

For instance, Adany evokes the feeling of being a fraud that has long haunted her.

« I was at a point in my life when going through the process at Complexe chirurgical CMC and the convalescence home Alsclépiade processes would finally allow me to begin to heal. From that moment, I was able to close a chapter and start a new one », she says.

Clearly, these are two revealing videos that help to better understand the universe of gender affirmation surgeries, from both the medical point of view as well as that of the patient.

Corporate video – Dr. Pierre Brassard – GrS Montréal
Story of a Transition – GrS Montreal
  1. Ms sherri dawn Barrett

    I received my bottom surgery on June 27th 2018 & top surgery on May 20th 2021 & they were done by the best woman surgeon in the world & the hospital & recovery house is also the best too.

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