Comments and publications charter

The blog “Trans Avenue” is a place of information sharing dedicated to the trans people and their allies. We want this platform to be inclusive and remains a place where exchanges are respectful. This is why we have established some guidelines from which we will base our decisions when content comes from visitors.

  1. Respect for authors of articles and comments: No insult will be tolerated. Comments containing insults, threats or hurtful remarks will not be published. No personal attack will be tolerated. Those who write these comments may be denied their right to comment in the future and may be subject to recourse in the courts.
  2. Respect for different points of view: It is quite predictable that readers do not agree with published content or comments. If they wish to express it, it must be done respectfully.
  3. This blog is a safe place for trans people: We will not accept content or comments that discredit trans people and their allies.
  4. Advertising to other sites: Unless it is directly related to the subject of the article, we will not post comments that refer to other sites, especially if it is commercial advertising. Self-reference to content written elsewhere should be avoided – it’s best to compose original content in your comments.
  5. Plagiarism: Articles or comments published elsewhere will not be accepted.
  6. Hate speech: No hate speech will be published. This includes, but is not limited to, attacks on individuals, groups of people, institutions or businesses.
  7. Illegal content: Any reference to illegal content or incitement to illegal acts will be removed from the site without delay. People who publish this type of content will be denied their right to comment on the blog and may be subject to appeal to the courts.
  8. Off-topic: Any comment that is not directly related to the article to which it refers will not be published.
  9. Individual responsibility: Your comments, whether published or not, do not imply the responsibility of blog administrators. You are exclusively responsible for your comments.
  10. Content Management: GrS Montreal reserves the right to remove any content for any reason whatsoever.

For any questions or comments, please write to the blog manager.