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What is the code of ethics of GrS Montreal?

Code d'éthique et valeurs

The intention behind every action taken within the walls of GrS Montréal is positive and is meant to be constructive, respectful, and responsible.

In addition to the standard codes of ethics enacted by the professional orders to which most GrS Montreal employees belong, a very personal way of doing things is added, aligned with the desire to provide superior service to respond in the best possible way to the specific needs of each patient, always with the utmost respect.

“Not all of our employees are members of a professional order, but essentially, our internal code of ethics stipulates that we must behave impartially towards everyone, have a non-discriminatory attitude, and not place ourselves in a conflict of interest,” explains Mélanie Dupuis, Executive Director of the Complexe chirurgical CMC, of which GrS Montréal is a subsidiary.

Of course, GrS Montreal’s official and legal code of ethics exists and is followed carefully. This is what is most basic in a hospital center.

However, the intrinsic values of GrS Montreal, which are those of all employees, are found in what could be called an “emotional code of ethics”.

‘’The most important qualification we look for when we hire our employees,” she says, “is the ability to make our patients feel at home, that they don’t feel judged or misunderstood. That’s really at the heart of how we see and do things.”


Excellence, and its constant pursuit, is one of the variables conveyed in the manual given to new GrS Montréal employees. We encourage everyone who works in the center to strive for perfection and the highest possible level of quality.

In the employee manual, we can read that “excellence is an essential value that motivates the decisions and actions of all members of the organization.”


Accountability also plays a key role. It implies that each employee must take responsibility for his or her actions and foster employee commitment to the organization’s goals.


At GRS Montréal, care is provided in a real spirit of client support. Confidentiality, listening, respect, and the client’s satisfaction are constant concerns for the entire team.


First of all, the challenge for the entire team is to meet the performance standards of quality care and client safety while respecting Accreditation Canada‘s standards.

Then come the values of the code of ethics based on human nature which, implicitly and naturally, lead each employee to constantly take actions based on the human being behind the patient. In this sense, the quality of care offered is not only found in the respect of standards, however important they may be, but also in the “way” in which it is given

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