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The Asclepiade convalescent home celebrates its 15th anniversary!

Asclepiade convalescent home

GrS Montreal is the only private hospital in Canada specializing in gender affirmation surgeries with its own convalescent facility.

The Asclepiade convalescent home is 15 years old! The Asclepiade (french word for milkeweed) convalescent home, founded in 2007, offers care and accommodation to our trans clientele who have had genital gender affirmation surgery. Why did we choose this name? Because milkweed is the only plant that welcomes the monarch caterpillar to allow it to turn into a beautiful butterfly. It is an inspiring metaphor for what the convalescent home means to our patients. We have also set up a garden there that has obtained the certification Oasis for monarchs in order to offer butterflies, and the people who enjoy the garden, a rejuvenating and peaceful place.

  1. Amy Roberts

    Congratulations ? a great big thank you to all the staff, their dedication and caring nature made my stay so lovely. ?️‍⚧️??

  2. Jace Wesley

    Congratulations! Thank you to the wonderful caring staff. I know 100% I will be in good hands, when my turn comes up for genital gender affirmation surgery.

  3. Loved my time there! Such a caring and amazing staff!

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